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Clutter free Garage

Our solutions have been used in a range of applications, from luxury real estate to townhomes.
Take a look at how WALLTEK has transformed these garages and rooms from messy clutter or wasted space to clean, functional areas. WALLTEK - the ultimate in organization.


Town House, Vancouver BC

Town House, Richmond BC

Single House, Coquiltam BC


When you buy your next townhome or house, don't hesitate to ask your developer for WALLTEK.

Customer reviews

One of the best decisions I've made.

I had the Walltek system installed in my office in order to create bike room for our staff. The system is of high quality and we haven't had any issues in over a year. I would highly recommend Walltek as a solution for storage and organization.

Ray W, Menlo Park, CA

Great service, great product, great company.

We recently had this installed at in our office garage. The installers did everything I asked with little guidance or supervision and went above and beyond helping us figure out how to put all our equipment on the wall in a well organized manor.

Andy C, Surrey, BC

Strongly recommend Walltek Storage.

I was so happy to find Walltek Storage because the inside of our home was immaculate, but our garage was a different story. Their team was friendly & knowledgeable, and were able to organize my garage exactly how I had envisioned it.

MP, Vancouver, BC


These guys took all my junk in my garage and put it on the wall, it's not junk no more. The staff was very helpful and understood my budget, I would recommend this company to everyone I know.

Billy D, Richmond BC

These guys do absolutely amazing work!

I highly recommend giving Ben a call if your looking to take the workshop, garage or gym to a whole new level of organization and look. They are the best at what they do and the proof is in the final product!

Chris F, Vancouver BC

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